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Invite a refugee to your table

Kelsey Campbell
Jan 15, 2018

We’ve just finished a busy holiday season where one of the highlights is family and friends gathering around one table and breaking bread together. It’s a wonderful feeling: eating, sharing stories, and laughing with those we cherish.

But many refugees around the world aren’t able to share in this experience.

They don’t have a home, let alone a dining room table. In fact, they have very little food to eat at all. And these long, freezing winter months spent huddling together in thin tents can seem especially hopeless.

Even if you cannot invite a refugee into your home for a warm meal, you can still show him that you care.

For just $35, you can send $189 worth of food, warm blankets, and other lifesaving supplies to a refugee in need. Just like welcoming someone to your dinner table, you’ll be showing him the love of Christ!

If a refugee knocked on your front door today and asked for something to eat or a glass of water, you wouldn’t turn him away. Instead, you’d gladly welcome him into your home and straight to the dining room table.

Right now, on the other side of the world, there’s a refugee who’s waiting to be let in … to be seen, to be fed, and to be loved.

You can provide the help he needs. You can show him that Christ cares for him. All it takes is $35.


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