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Iran’s underground church is exploding with new believers

Kelsey Campbell
Feb 05, 2019

Just a few decades ago, there were an estimated 500 Christians in Iran. Now that number has grown to 800,000! There’s just one problem — there aren’t nearly enough Bibles in the country for all the new believers.

Will you supply them with the one tool they need to grow in their faith and continue spreading the Gospel?

All it takes is $10 to secretly distribute one Bible to a Christian in Iran. And since each Bible will be shared among family and friends, you can impact an average of five people with each copy you provide!

Iran is ranked among the top 10 most dangerous countries for Christians. Believers are forced to meet covertly to avoid persecution from radical Islamic neighbors, family members, and authorities. Still, the Gospel is spreading like wildfire.

Many Christians in Iran are being bold in their faith and sharing the Gospel with those around them. But it’s difficult when they don’t have Bibles of their own.

Because of the need for secrecy, Bibles are difficult to distribute and are extremely scarce in Iran. But for as little as $10, you can help print and distribute a Bible in Iran’s native language of Farsi.

Right now, we have partners in Iran who are secretly distributing Bibles. For security reasons, we can’t tell you exactly how they get the Bibles in the hands of underground Christians. But we can tell you the first step — they need YOU to provide copies of God’s Word!

When you give a Bible today, you can be sure it will go on to transform many lives in Iran.

Even though Iranian Christians have to worship in secret for fear of persecution, that hasn’t stopped them from begging for God’s Word. The need is so great, our partners can’t keep up with the demand.

Will you help by providing at least one Bible today?

God’s Word never returns void. Every Bible you help supply will be placed in the hands of a new believer who desperately needs the hope found in its pages.

Iranians are willing to risk everything to follow Christ. They’ve stepped out in faith that God will meet all their physical and spiritual needs.

Will you step out in faith as well and provide as many Bibles to Christian Iranians as you can?

There’s nothing more special than putting the Word of God in the hands of people who are hungry for the Bread of Life. And by doing so, you can help shine the light of the Gospel into a country that’s veiled in deep, spiritual darkness.


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