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Is history being made in North Korea or just repeating itself?

Blog Team
May 13, 2018

When President Trump sits down in June with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, history will be made. It will be the first time a current U.S. president has met with a North Korean leader.

The meeting, which is expected to include talks on denuclearization, was set after North Korea agreed to release three American prisoners this past week.

“The release of these hostages should be cause for celebration for all Americans, especially Christians who have been praying for the release of Pastor Kim Hak Song,” said Vernon Brewer, World Help founder and CEO, in a statement to Charisma. “Yet, we cannot forget that there are countless people still suffering inside North Korea.”

While we rejoice that these three men have been released from North Korea’s labor camps, we shouldn’t let it distract us from the countless innocent people who are still imprisoned — including approximately 70,000 Christians.

We should also be careful to remember the past.

Even if North Korea agrees to partial or complete denuclearization at next month’s summit, there is no guarantee that it will not go back on its word. We’ve already seen it happen at least three times in the past two decades.

Placing blind faith in a regime that tortures its own people is reckless.

“This news should encourage us to continue praying for a true peace and freedom for everyone in North Korea,” Vernon said.

Peace talks and the release of these prisoners are just the beginning. As people of faith, we have an obligation to continue shining a light on our persecuted brothers and sisters. And we should pray that one day they will enjoy the same freedom that Kim Dong-chul, Kim Hak-song, and Tony Kim are enjoying today.

While you pray for that day to come, there is another way you can help. North Korean Christians are begging for Bibles. Even though they could face years in prison — or even death for owning God’s Word — it’s the one thing they continue to ask for.

After all they have been through, how can we deny them this one simple request?

Denuclearization deals and peace talks may or may not last. But you can be part of doing something that will make an eternal impact.

Will you help send 100,000 Bibles to North Korea? All it takes is $10 to print, ship, and secretly distribute a Bible to a North Korean believer.

Generous World Help donors have already provided more than 68,000 copies, some of which are already in East Asia ready to be smuggled into the country. But there are at least 300,000 Christians in the country, and most of them have never even seen a copy of God’s Word, much less owned one.

If Christians around the globe can send 100,000 Bibles — each of which will be shared among other believers — think of the tremendous impact they will make for the North Korean underground church!

This is your chance to make a difference. Christians in North Korea know better than to put their faith in a regime that makes empty promises and does nothing while its citizens starve. They’ve chosen to place their faith — though it may cost them their lives — in the one, true God.

Today, you can stand in solidarity with a North Korean believer by providing him with the Bible he has been praying for.

No matter what happens in the weeks and months ahead, you will know that you did something that will make an incredible difference for someone in North Korea.

Give at least one Bible today for just $10.


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