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ISIS Seizes Ramadi; Refugee Crisis Reaches New Heights

Blog Team
May 22, 2015

Ramadi, the capital city of Iraq’s Anbar province was seized only days ago by ISIS forces . . . yet another massive casualty of the extremist group’s notorious cruelty.

The capture of the city is deeply significant—on both strategic and humanitarian levels. The main road from Baghdad into Jordan runs directly through Ramadi, making escape out of the country even more impossible for Christians and other persecuted minorities.

Iraqi refugee girl - World Help

The toll on civilian lives has been catastrophic. Since the city was overthrown, more than 25,000 have been forced to flee their homes with no food, water, medicine, or means of shelter. Most will attempt to reach Baghdad for sanctuary, risking their lives on treacherous desert roads with absolutely no protection and little hope for survival.

“The humanitarian impact of Ramadi should not be downplayed,” warned Jeremy Courtney, one of our aid partners stationed in the Baghdad area. “If the humanitarian issue grows, it will undercut the fabric of society and trust needed for military success. This moment is critical.”

Refugee crisis in Iraq - World Help

Jeremy and our team of partners are already working with local leaders to coordinate emergency relief efforts on the ground, knowing that every second is crucial for saving innocent lives.

This strategic positioning allows us to serve Ramadi’s refugees with crucial supplies like food, water, medicine, and temporary shelter in an area that many aid groups are unable to access.

With little outside help expected, our response to Ramadi’s refugees must be substantial and immediate . . . before thousands more lives are lost to the terror of ISIS.

Iraqi refugee boy - World Help

Will you help give our brothers and sisters a reason to hope today? For as little as $35, you can provide a refugee with food, relief supplies, medical attention, educational support, and rehabilitation. Every gift—no matter what the size—can make an immediate difference.

As the Syria/Iraqi conflict continues to inflict unimaginable heartache on millions, let us choose to stand with those who are desperate for help. We cannot afford to stop caring now . . . the price is just too high.

Join us today in bringing life-saving aid to Ramadi’s refugees.



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