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‘It’s not the virus that’s killing people.’

Sam Campbell
Aug 06, 2020

When the missiles and bombs began to rain down on Saba’s Syrian town, she and her family knew it was time to get out. Saba is one of thousands of refugees who barely escaped with their lives, so we’ve changed her name for protection.

Unfortunately, her brother didn’t make it.

Militants murdered him during a raid, and that’s when Saba’s family decided to flee. They had no other choice. It was now or never. For three days they walked without food or water before they finally reached the Jordanian border. Exhausted, they spent the next couple of weeks in a filthy refugee camp.

Many people around the world are starving and in need of medical care, just like Saba. They’ve been forced from their homes. Lost their jobs. Or they’re drowning in poverty. And the recent pandemic has only made their situation worse. 

But you can help. For just $30, you can ship an incredible $990 worth of lifesaving supplies like food, clean water, durable clothing, medicine, and more to families in need.

How? Because every dollar you give multiplies 33X!

The lack of sanitation and medical care inside the refugee camp soon took its toll on Saba’s family. Her sister became ill, and her mother’s already poor health grew worse. So, once again, they picked up their lives and relocated.

“We moved from the camp to a very small apartment,” Saba said. “During this time, a Syrian man came and asked me to marry him.”

Things were wonderful in the beginning, and Saba enjoyed being a newlywed. She saw it as a fresh start, a clean slate … but the marriage quickly took a dark turn. Saba’s husband began beating her, and when she discovered she was pregnant, he left. So, Saba had no choice but to move back in with her parents.

“I got very sick from the way he treated me,” Saba said. “When I delivered my baby, I tried to call him and tell him that I have a baby girl, but he said that the baby is not his baby and refused her.”

Now, Saba’s parents struggle to help her provide for her beautiful child — a task that’s gotten even harder because of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Impoverished people like Saba’s family have been struggling for years. Many have no access to clean drinking water or medical care … and that was before the pandemic hit. Now, their needs are greater than ever before.

“It’s not the virus that’s killing people,” one our partners recently said. “What’s killing people is the lack of resources.” Unemployment is up worldwide, leaving parents in developing countries — especially single parents like Saba — unable to feed their families.

Saba can’t afford necessities like diapers and formula — items every new mother needs to care for her child. Plus, she needs sanitizers and other hygiene supplies to keep her family safe as coronavirus numbers continue to rise in the Middle East.

These exact items are sitting in our distribution center right now.

They’ve been donated by generous corporate donors and grants and are waiting to be sent to people like Saba. But they’ll never reach their destination without your help to ship them.

All it takes is $30.

When you give, your gift will multiply 33X to ship $990 worth of donated supplies like food, clean water, hygiene kits, medical equipment, and more.

Right now, you have the chance to help deliver these lifesaving resources to people around the world in the midst of this pandemic. Your gift will help provide essentials like diapers, blankets, and formula for a newborn. Medicine for a sick refugee. Clean water for a community trapped in poverty. And so much more.

If you want to make a true difference in someone’s life, now is the perfect time. Not only will you help rescue someone like Saba by providing for him or her physically, but you’ll also offer spiritual hope, even on the darkest days.

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