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Jia gave all her Bibles away — now she has one to keep!

Vernon Brewer
May 21, 2022

Being a Christ-follower is never easy — in fact, Jesus promised it wouldn’t be easy. But for believers in China like Jia, following Jesus can also be dangerous.

Jia is a church planter in China, where government persecution is high.

Where Jia lives, attending church is illegal for people under 18, and the adults who choose to attend are heavily monitored. Authorities frequently target church leaders like Jia, so I’ve changed her name and blurred her photo to protect her.

The officially sanctioned branch of Christianity in China is called the Three-Self Church. Bibles approved for sale by the Three-Self Church are censored to fit the communist narrative, so finding an unedited Bible can feel like an impossible challenge.

Jia shared that there is a huge need for Bibles because the police raid churches and confiscate them. She and many other Christ-followers have no way to buy a paper copy of God’s Word in China, and even the Three-Self Churches have a limited supply of edited versions.

That’s why church planters like Jia are so important. Jia puts herself in danger every day because she is so committed to helping people learn about the real Jesus, not the censored version.

Since Bibles are so scarce, Jia never kept one for herself. She constantly gave her Bibles away to people who were new in their faith so they could deepen their knowledge of the Lord … but that meant that Jia couldn’t be in the Word herself.

But thanks to generous Bibles for All Ambassadors, Jia received a Bible she can keep! Jia finally has her own Chinese Bible that she can use for daily study and lesson preparation.

Bibles for All Ambassadors send God’s Word around the world each month, and without their support, people like Jia might never have access to the accurate and complete Word of God.

She is so thankful for her new Bible. Now she can study God’s Word more consistently and independently as she shares the Gospel with the people of China.

If you’re interested in sending Bibles to people like Jia every month, click the button below to learn more about how you can become a Bibles for All Ambassador.

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