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Joandel won’t be going to school this fall without help

Megan Stoia
Aug 11, 2022


It’s almost time for kids around the world to go back to school!

And today, I’d like to introduce you to Joandel, an 8-year-old from Venezuela. He’s been practicing math with his mother all summer and is eager to put his skills into practice.

Joandel is a bright, talented young boy who wants nothing more than to go to school with other children his age.

But there is one problem. Joandel’s mother, Luisa, needs help to send him to school.

Unfortunately, Joandel’s father left when he was a baby. Shortly after, Venezuela experienced a total economic collapse. Nearly 95% of the population now lives in extreme poverty …. including Joandel and his mother.

Joandel’s life hasn’t been easy, and attending school has always been a challenge. In addition to living in poverty, Joandel is blind, so it’s difficult and costly to find teachers that can accommodate his needs.

Joandel has never let his disability hold him back – but there’s no way his mother can afford expensive school fees, uniforms, and supplies to help him succeed.

Joandel’s mother can help him escape a life of poverty by sending him to school

Current trends of hyperinflation have left people without access to basic necessities – especially those already struggling to survive.

Even Venezuelans with full-time jobs don’t make enough money to provide for their families. They’re often forced to search dumpsters after work just to find something to eat.

Mothers like Luisa are at a loss for what to do. Over the past several years, putting food on the table has trumped all other needs — including Joandel’s education. School supplies often aren’t a priority for impoverished families, even though failing to get an education means Joandel may never escape the cycle of poverty.

But you can make a difference by sending a critical care kit to someone like Joandel.

When you send a critical care kit, you help meet basic needs like school supplies to help kids succeed in the classroom, feminine hygiene products so girls in poverty don’t have to miss school each month, baby care items for infants and toddlers, and more.

Critical care kits give children the essentials required to be happy and healthy!

For just $20, you can provide one critical care kit to someone in need.

In a country like Venezuela, critical care kits make a world of difference. And with your help, someone in need will receive the kit they need the most.  

It just takes $20 to pack and ship a critical care kit to a person in desperate need!

By giving to provide a critical care kit, you can impact someone’s life in a big way. You have the power to change the life of a child like Joandel, a single mother like Luisa, or someone else who urgently needs your help. And best of all, you can show the love of God in a practical, tangible way.

Please, give as generously as you can to provide help and hope worldwide.


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