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Just Add Water

Today is World Water Day and we want to celebrate.

Lives are being changed and communities restored because of an exciting movement of people dedicated to ending the World Water Crisis—causelife. Powered by our global World Help partners, causelife is changing entire communities through drilling clean water wells in developing countries. And we’ve noticed that clean water holds a certain transformational power.

In fact, everything about a community can change if you . . . just add water.


Star School cares for 350 orphaned children who have been directly affected by the debilitating genocide that swept the entire nation of Rwanda in 1994. Until recently, the premises were without a water source, and the school has no option but to purchase water, which has become quite a financial burden.

causelife was able to drill a deep bore well at Star School with funds donated by First United Methodist Church of Thomasville, Georgia. This well provides clean, fresh drinking water to the students, as well as the surrounding community. With the funds that were formerly allocated to buy water, Star School is now able to provide its students with additional educational materials and the opportunity to provide for a bright future.


Working extensively to drill wells in the remote mountainous regions of Guatemala has yielded some amazing results. The villagers there have been plagued with irritating skin conditions and hair loss problems from the dirty water they use from contaminated rivers. Children continually struggle with stomach illnesses and waterborne diseases that keep them from school and play.

One of the most common reports we receive from villages who have now been supplied with clean water wells is the remarkable recovery from these maladies. Clean water improves hygiene and sanitation drastically, preventing the spread of disease and restoring health among thousands.

It’s a great feeling to be back on your feet.


The village of Ambaji is situated atop a mountain deep in western India. Most of the people here are Hindu and have adopted the occupation of animal husbandry to provide for their families. They are called Bharwad, and they raise cows, buffaloes, and sheep. Availability of water is instrumental to their livelihood, and before causelife drilled a well there, hours of time and energy were spent on hauling water from the bottom of the mountain on bicycles, a 2.5 mile round trip, that most of them made multiple times a day.

The community of 1,500 is now able to invest in their crops and livestock, giving the next generation a chance to grow and thrive.

The dignity that accompanies work is one of the best gifts we could ever give.

Celebrate World Water Day with Us.

Visit to see how you can “just add water” today!

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