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Keep a refugee child warm this winter

April Stumme
Jan 09, 2018

Yusef is a 5-year-old boy whose life has already been filled with more chaos than many people will face in their entire lives. His parents are from Syria, but Yusef can hardly remember living there.

That’s because Yusef is a refugee … and has been for almost his entire life.

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Yusef isn’t alone. Around the world, countless children are living as refugees. And they need your help.

Children are especially vulnerable to malnutrition, waterborne disease, and other illnesses — problems all too common in refugee camps.

These boys and girls have seen seasons come and go in the camps, and they have learned to dread the cold of winter.

Right now, children like Yusef are trying to survive the frigid temperatures without the clothing, blankets, and hot meals they need to stay warm. But today, you can give a child the comfort and help he desperately needs.

For just $35, you can provide $189 of emergency supplies to a refugee child or family. You’ll send essentials such as food, warm blankets, medical care, and more.

A refugee child’s future is uncertain and frightening. But you can make sure that one thing is certain: he will have the warmth he needs to survive this winter.


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