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Aid & Relief


In times of crisis, Liberty University, its students, faculty, and alumni have stood up in an effort to “do something to make a difference!”

HAPPENING NOW | Refugee Crisis in Syria

As we speak, the nation of Syria is undergoing the most urgent, widespread refugee crisis the world has seen in the past twenty years.

Since March 2011, over 100,000 Syrians have been slaughtered as the fight to seize power continues. Most of these are innocent civilians fleeing for their lives after watching their homes burned down, their mothers and wives violently raped . . . their children taken and used as human shields.

Over 4 million Syrians have been displaced since the crisis began, seeking refuge in overcrowded camps along the Syrian border where resources and hope are dwindling. Millions of refugees now face starvation, exploitation, and the grim reality that they may never return home again.

World Help is actively and strategically working along the Syrian border to provide food, medicine, blankets, hygiene supplies and other vital necessities to refugee families. The need for more of these resources is absolutely crucial as millions fight to survive the uncertain days ahead.

Today we’re asking the students of Liberty University to join us in saying,“ENOUGH”.

Learn how you can help bring help and hope to Syrian refugees today.

Earthquake in Haiti

When a 7.0 earthquake devastated the country of Haiti in January 2010, Liberty University took a stance and challenged students, faculty, and others to partner with World Help and other humanitarian organizations in relief efforts.

At Liberty’s convocation in early 2010, Vernon Brewer, LU’s first graduate and the founder and president of World Help,challenged students with this call to action, resulting in thousands of dollars for relief aid in Haiti

Haiti needs us and Haiti needs you . . . I’m asking you to please give as generously as you can, and I promise you that what you give will literally save lives, so please, please pray for Haiti. I ask you to join me . . . students from all over the world, 80 nations; I call us to pray for Haiti.

Crisis in the Horn of Africa

In the summer of 2011, as more than 30,000 children, under the age of five, perished in just 90 days in Southern Somalia alone, and 12 million Somalis, Kenyans, and Ethiopians were starving due to the worst drought since the 1950s, Liberty responded once again, not only through giving, but also by using their voices!

Liberty’s Center for Global Engagement and World Help hosted a free concert in an effort to Help the Horn. With the help of over 50 student volunteers and numerous corporate sponsors, Help for the Horn Relief Concert drew a crowd upward of 700 students. Apart from raising thousands of dollars in relief funds, dozens of individuals and groups adopted the cause and brought awareness of the crisis to their fellow students, families, and churches. Mini-movements of all shapes and sizes sprang up everywhere with the intent of “speaking the unspoken” on behalf of the Somali people.

One such effort was conducted by the residents in three dorms on Liberty University’s campus that decided to do more than just talk about the crisis, but took up an offering of over $700 for relief efforts for the Horn of Africa.

It is truly incredible to see how Liberty University and World Help have partnered together to impact so many lives over the years.

Will you join with your university and fellow students in making a difference? See how you can take action today!

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