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Clean Water – Liberty University

Clean Water


Many Liberty University students and faculty have seen the overwhelming need for clean water around the world and realize that it is essential for life. They have bought into the vision that water equals life!

Here is a glimpse into some of these efforts:

World Water Day 2011

On World Water Day, March 22, 2011, causelife invaded Liberty’s campus with 5,000 “just add water” stickers. The purpose of the day was to create awareness of the World Water Crisis, which is occurring all around the globe, especially in impoverished countries where access to water is not only limited, but unsanitary. Students were able to see the need for clean water and even pose for photos with a replica water well in an effort to raise awareness. You can see all the photos from the day’s event on facebook.

It might seem hard to believe, since clean water is available in abundance in the United States, but there is a critical water crisis in our world. Currently, there are almost 1 billion people without access to clean, safe drinking water. That means that 1 in 7 people don’t have access to the most basic human need.

Students Stand for Water

Several students at Liberty University heard about the water crisis and have been moved to action. Through advocacy and fundraising, LU students are partnering with causelife to not only raise awareness about the water crisis . . . but also to help stop it.

One such student is Cassie Foster, a Liberty University freshman who went on trips to Guatemala and Haiti with causelife. Cassie decided to sell bracelets on behalf of causelife in order to raise money for a shallow well. What started as just one well soon became two . . . and now Cassie is close to raising the money for her third shallow well with causelife. Cassie says, “I have witnessed poverty to its fullest in both Guatemala and Haiti, and I want to help change the world and save lives.” And she is doing just that! If you’d like to help Cassie reach her goal, you can give directly to her

Other students have decided to join together in their own fundraising efforts. You may have heard Becker Breidenbach and Josiah Johnson on the sidewalk at Homecoming this past fall as they informed game-day attendees about the World Water Crisis and sold slices of cake to raise money for causelife. But Becker and Josiah weren’t just hosting a one-time fundraiser . . . they are committed to funding an entire shallow well. In an effort to reach their goal, they host a fundraiser at CiCi’s Pizza the first Wednesday of each month. On these nights, if customers say “causelife” at checkout, a portion of their meal cost is donated to causelife. Not only are you able to eat all the pizza you want, you are also supporting causelife and the local economy. It’s a win-win-win!

Clean Water and HOPE for Zimbabwe

In the summer of 2011, Liberty provided funding for a clean-water well, a generator, and a water tank in Zimbabwe through Smile for Africa. This well will provide a reliable water source for a newly constructed farm and hundreds of people in the local community. Albert Mavunga, a LU graduate, World Help partner, and the founder of Smile for Africa, believes this project planted the initial seed in an effort for Smile for Africa to become self-sustaining.

It is truly incredible to see how Liberty University and World Help have partnered together to impact so many lives over the years.

Will you join with your university and fellow students in making a difference? See how you can take action today!

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