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Mission Trips – Liberty University

Mission Trips

Liberty University partners with World Help in facilitating student mission trips around the world. In recent years, World Help has taken students to Uganda and Rwanda.

Below are a few highlights from those trips:

Xtreme Mission trip to Rwanda in 2009

In May, a group of 28 went to Rwanda to minister at local children’s homes, but also got a glimpse into the history of the genocide of 1994, which resulted in the slaughter of over 800,000 people. The students were able to tour the genocide museum and Hotel Rwanda, as they learned about the history that has shaped Rwanda today. They also visited the Sonrise School and Star School, home to many children that were orphaned by the genocide. The students participated in a variety of ministry opportunities, such as painting a school building, teaching English classes, and organizing crafts for the children.

Light Ministries trip to Uganda in 2010

Vernon Brewer, founder and president of World Help, and Johnnie Moore, traveled with a team of 50 Liberty students to Uganda to expose them to the work World Help is doing there and the lives that are being impacted.

Students were honorary guests at the Robert “Sandy” Sansing Gulu Vocational School’s graduation ceremony. The graduating class consisted of more than 100 child mothers and former child soldiers who had been kidnapped during the time of the LRA’s rule in Northern Uganda. This school provides them with career training to give them hope for a brighter future.

The LU team was also able to spend a day at Destiny Villages of Hope, where over 1,000 children are provided with a Christian education and their basic needs are being met. The team participated in a welcome ceremony and a dedication of the Home of Hope that was built by the generosity of Liberty students through Campus Church.

One LU student reflected on the trip by saying, “We came thinking we’re going to be an encouragement to these people and to just love on them. We’ve done that, but they have totally changed our hearts.”

LU Counseling Department trips to Rwanda in 2011

Twenty-two students from Liberty’s counseling department traveled to Rwanda in March. The LU team, under leadership of Dr. Kevin Corsini, gave trauma-counseling training for some leaders in Rwanda and presented them a completion certificate for taking part in this training. The team ministered at the Star School, Hope Village, the Blessed Mango Tree Church, and several rural villages, such as the Widows’ Village.

In November, Dr. Corsini returned to Rwanda with another group of 20 students, not only to serve where needed, but also to learn from the leaders, such as Bishop John Rucyahana, that have been integral in the post-genocide reconciliation efforts.

It is truly incredible to see how Liberty University and World Help have partnered together to impact so many lives over the years.

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