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Life After Escape: Syrians Waiting For Hope

Blog Team
Jan 31, 2013

The U.N. reports the arrival of 3,000 Syrian refugees into Jordan every day. For most of them, their only concern is to escape the terror they’ve experienced in Syria. But they could never anticipate the new misery that awaits them.

A typical day for these refugees is far worse than what we could imagine.

After traveling by foot in the bitter cold with shell-shocked children and family members, they come to a border-control checkpoint. Masses of people are crowded around the facility, while new arrivals join the throng of sobbing children and their expressionless family members waiting for registration.

Syrian refugees

Welcome to Jordan.

If they are fortunate enough to be processed in the same day, they are taken to a refugee camp where they receive blankets and, if lucky, a tent shelter for their family . . . but food is limited. Flooding is common, and a biting chill penetrates every corner of the cramped quarters their children begin to accept as home. Any glimpse into the future is filled with anxiety. There is no way to earn a living, and returning to their home in Syria is only a dream.

There are no new emotions to experience. Horror, hopelessness, mind-numbing confusion—there seems to be nothing left to feel —they can only stare. Yet at any tortuous moment, they can vividly relive the horrifying seconds when their family members were killed right in front of them . . .  lifeless bodies, merciless wounds, blood in the rubble.

Syrian refugees

Life will never be normal again.

The camps where these families seek protection are deteriorating into places of crime and violence, where women are violated on a daily basis. The refugees fluctuate between feelings of soul-chilling despair and rage as they helplessly watch their families suffer.

What is there to hope for?

The international response to the Syrian slaughter has fallen terribly short. But that’s far from a death sentence for these refugees. In fact, it’s the opposite. We have more opportunities than ever to help.

Syrian refugees

Our action is their hope.

These refugees need immediate comforting, encouragement, and healing, and our partner in Jordan is strategically placed to reach them. For every $100 given, we can provide a family with a month’s supply of fresh produce and food staples, clothes, blankets, and medical supplies.

Today, we’re asking you to act on behalf of Syrian refugees. Share this opportunity with your family and friends. Go to our giving page and leave your best gift. We are adamant when we say that every amount counts.

Will you help us reach these desperate Syrians who have lost everything? They are waiting for hope.


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