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Life as a Refugee

May 16, 2016

The greatest humanitarian crisis of our time has nearly vanished from the headlines, yet the glaring needs of displaced people throughout the Middle East have far from vanished. Today, for as little as $35, you can meet the most critical needs of one refugee.

In the pain and uncertainty of this ongoing crisis, it’s children who are affected the most.

Viyan’s dreams were brought to an abrupt halt the day her family fled their home in Mosul. Years on, she still misses her former life but has found joy in the hope generously provided to her.

This is her story.

Watch Living As A Refugee | Viyan’s Story from World Help.

You can provide vital relief supplies, educational and spiritual support, employment opportunities, and trauma counseling and rehabilitation to one refugee for just $35.

God is working mightily through every dollar you’ve provided. Even in the midst of pain and suffering, thousands of refugees are coming to know the powerful love of Christ through your compassionate support.


Your gift has 5 times the impact!
A gift of $35 sends $189 worth of water, food, clothing, hygiene items, blankets, and medical aid.


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