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Light in the Darkness | From the Field

Over the next few days, please join me on a journey . . . thousands of miles away from the cool, clean, comfortable shores of America.

I’m going to regions in our world where few people are willing to look beyond what’s broken, destitute, and needy . . . where too many eyes are closed to the needs. 

And I want you to come along and see how their story is changing. 

The journey starts in a dusty Indian village where child sex is an everyday facet of local economy, and continues on to the crowded streets of Thailand’s booming red-light districts.

You probably weren’t expecting that.  

Child in India

But we’re going to the dark places—and in this case, some of the darkest places imaginable. 

You may be asking yourself: Noel, why would you want me to come on a journey like this?

Because I also want to show you the beauty emerging even in unfathomable darkness . . . I want to show you hope.

I want you to meet the children, women, and families enslaved by India and Thailand’s sex industry. Because it’s here in these difficult places, shrouded by darkness, where we believe that transformation is possible through Christ.

Come with me and see for yourself.


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