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Like the ultimate care package from Mom

Kelsey Campbell
May 12, 2019

Moms always know how to take care of us, don’t they? Whether it was helping us study for a test, taking us to baseball practice, or making sure we grab our jacket when we leave for the day, they’ve always looked out for us. Moms are doctors, heroes, and mind readers.

Some moms continue to give us “care packages” even after we’ve grown up and moved out. Whether it’s peanut butter — your favorite snack — or practical things like disinfecting wipes, your mom knows what you need … and makes sure you get it.

This Mother’s Day, you can honor your mom by sending the ultimate care package to another mother in need. You can ship lifesaving food, clothing, medicine, and more — all in your mom’s name.

And when you do, you can send your mom a free, personalized e-card letting her know that lives are being saved in her honor. What could be a better Mother’s Day present than that?

Mothers living in impoverished communities in places like Guatemala, Uganda, and Iraq would do anything to provide food, clothing, soap, and shoes to their children. But they can’t afford basic necessities to help keep their families alive.

Right now, we have emergency supplies like food, medical equipment, and hygiene kits sitting in our warehouse. But they can’t get to the people who need them without YOUR help to cover the shipping costs.

Your gift will help make sure a shipping container filled with lifesaving aid — the best care package ever — reaches the people who need it most before it’s too late.

And the best part is your gift multiplies 33X!

For just $30, you can ship $990 worth of critical aid … the same critical care every mother wants to give her children.

When you scraped your knee as a child, your mother cleaned it, kissed it, and put a Band-Aid on it. But in places like rural Guatemala, women don’t have clean water to wash their children’s cuts. They don’t have bandages. And if a cut gets infected, they don’t have access to medical care.

But when you help ship supplies in honor of your mom, you send more than these critical small items like soap and bandages. You also help send large items to local medical clinics, like exam tables and wheelchairs.

These items will literally help save lives around the world.

So even though today is Mother’s Day, it’s not too late to give the ultimate gift. Just follow these two simple steps:

1. Give $30, which multiplies 33X to ship $990 worth of donated food, medicine, medical equipment, clothing and more.

2. Be sure to click “send an emailed card” during checkout to send a free, personalized card telling your mom that you have given in her honor.

This Mother’s Day, let your mom know how much you appreciate her … and give another mom the chance to take care of her family.

It’s a gift your mom will be proud of and one she will never forget.


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