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Listen: Vernon Brewer featured on Eric Metaxas Show

Vernon Brewer
Nov 03, 2017

This Sunday, Christians around the world will observe the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. On the minds of many believers is what we can do to help our oppressed brothers and sisters, especially those in North Korea.

On Thursday, Vernon Brewer, World Help founder and president, joined the nationally syndicated Eric Metaxas radio show to talk about just that. You can listen to his interview below, beginning at the 11-minute mark:


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Vernon recently visited the North Korean border and shared his firsthand experiences talking to Christians who have fled the country.

“Roughly 25 percent of all Christians in North Korea are in labor camps, and their only crime is owning a Bible, or attending a house church service, or being caught praying,” he said.

But despite the risk of such horrible treatment, the hunger for God’s Word among North Korean believers is growing. In fact, it was recently discovered there are 100,000 more Christians in North Korea than previously believed — for a total of approximately 300,000. 

“We were there to encourage them, to help them, and to help supply their greatest request,” Vernon said. “The only thing they asked me for were more Bibles.

Will you help send 100,000 Bibles to our North Korean brothers and sisters by the end of this year? Your help is urgently needed to meet this goal!

All it takes is $10 to print, ship, and covertly distribute one Bible to a persecuted Christian in North Korea.

Please intercede for believers suffering in North Korea. Send at least one Bible today. And remember to keep North Korean Christians in your prayers — on International Day of Prayer and all year-round.


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