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A Time to Cry ... A Time to Act

In the days following the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the world wondered if this country could ever rebuild from such a devastating disaster. Would there ever be hope for Haiti again?

Who can forget those horrifying images the news channels brought into our living rooms week after week? For some, they were too much to bear. They brought tears to our eyes.

There is definitely a time to cry about something, but then there is a time to do something.

Walking through the gates of Danita’s Children is like literally moving from darkness to light. Just beyond the walls of this beacon of hope lies the stark reality that is still Haiti—extreme poverty and disease, lack of basic necessities, and most of all, a sense of hopelessness.

Noel and Lonique

Today, I saw Lonique, one of the first boys I met in Haiti when I arrived in the months following the earthquake. At that time, Lonique was only about 7 years old and had lost his entire left arm in the disaster. He spent three weeks in a makeshift hospital tent. When he was found, he had a piece of duct tape on his forehead with instructions for the next doctor. He had no medical charts—just a piece of torn tape. Every time the wind blew into the tent, Lonique screamed, expecting another earthquake to hit.

The terror this boy faced was unimaginable, but is barely evident now. You have to look closely to notice his empty sleeve, but nothing keeps him from being a normal boy and playing ball with all the other children.

Lonique was found and rescued. And the transformation that followed was nothing short of extraordinary . . . all because someone chose to act instead of cry.

Watch Lonique’s Story – Haiti Spring ’13 on Vimeo

And he is not alone. I could tell you story after story of the hundreds of children being rescued and restored here in Haiti through our partnership with Danita’s Children.

Children like Jimmy, whose mother was so mentally unstable that she killed one of her own sons. Not only was Jimmy rescued from a life of fear, he is now part of our Child Sponsorship Program where he is loved, cared for, educated, and given a strong hope for the future.

Someone intervened on Jimmy’s behalf . . . someone acted . . . and a life was forever changed.

Jimmy with Ae-Kyong Morrell

As Gabe Lyons said, “In the lives of the mistreated, underrepresented and left behind of our world, the Christian responds by solving real problems.”

So today, we are in Haiti solving real problems—problems that truly make you just want to sit down and cry. But instead of simply crying, I choose to act.

Will you join me?



Ways To Join Me


Sponsor A Haitian Child

CHILD SPONSORSHIP: Our partner cares for hundreds of children living on its campus as well as those in surrounding communities. But they can’t do it alone. World Help has committed to provide as many sponsorships as possible in Haiti. We desperately need your help to impact the next generation.


Humanitarian Aid Shipment to Haiti

HUMANITARIAN AID: World Help has sent millions of dollars in aid to Haiti over the last three years. It never seems like enough, but we’ve witnessed its life-saving power in action. Yet simple items like food, clothing, construction equipment, and medical supplies are always needed. On average, for every dollar spent on shipping, we are able to send over $200 in vital goods, impacting 100 people in need.


Operation Baby Rescue in Haiti

OPERATION BABY RESCUE: Our partner rescues malnourished infants and children weekly. The majority of them require emergency medical attention and follow-up care. With your help, we can ensure these precious children are restored to full health.



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