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Look at what the World Help family accomplished in just one month!

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May 24, 2023


There is nothing that the World Help family can’t do. Our incredible donors and volunteers are changing the world … one life at a time.

Check out all the ways they provided help and hope around the globe in just ONE month:

The World Help family provided relief to refugees …

Afghan refugees receive emergency aid like firewood
The number of refugees from Afghanistan has skyrocketed since the Taliban’s violent takeover

There are more global refugees today than at any other point in history … and they’re in desperate need of physical and spiritual aid.

In response to this need, World Help donors helped provide medical care to more than 2,400 refugees in the Middle East.

They also provide emergency aid like food, clothing, and more to over 7,000 Ukrainian refugees!

And through our meal-packing event in collaboration with Liberty University and Feed My Starving Children, 1,500 volunteers worked together to pack more than 270,000 rice meals for refugees.

Shipped emergency aid to those who needed it most …

World Help volunteers ship aid worldwide
Students from Liberty University packed emergency aid sent to Ukrainian refugees

Our Humanitarian Aid and Distribution Center works to send emergency aid worldwide.

Recently, we sent out 11 containers filled with approximately $5 million worth of aid. This will provide critical care for more than 125,500 people!

But it was more than just our donors who helped make this happen. Volunteers spent 505 hours in the warehouse, helping to process and pack these containers so they could reach people in need.

Distributed God’s Word in Bible deserts …

Because of Bibles for All Ambassadors, Rohan and his family received a Bible
Rohan overcame his alcohol addiction by building a relationship with Christ

In only one month, 4,000 Bibles were distributed across South Asia.

One of the people who received a Bible was Rohan — and his family was completely transformed after hearing the story of the Gospel.

He said, “While reading the Bible, we started to trust in the Lord, and now we have hope in our lives. Because of this Bible, we are alive today.”

Gave clean water to impoverished communities …

Access to clean water transforms entire communities
Having access to clean water helps transform entire communities

The World Help family completed 17 clean water projects in one short month — impacting 14,895 people!

Through their generosity, people in Guatemala, India, Malawi, Peru, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Zimbabwe now have clean water to drink, cook, and clean with!

Built safe homes for families …

You can help build homes for families in Gautemala
Building a home for a family in need helps restore their sense of dignity

Five homes for families in need were recently completed in Guatemala and Honduras.

One of these houses was for the Vega family. With their new home, they can finally sleep through the night, protected from the outside elements.

“We know that our children now have a safe place, thanks to God and to you,” Mrs. Vega said.

And built churches around the world!

Believers gather to worship Christ
Churches like this one are also used to distribute humanitarian aid

World Help donors also helped finish four churches in Guatemala, Malawi, and Peru — where over 650 people attend.

Now, these communities have a beautiful, spacious, and safe place for people to gather and worship.

“We pray that many of them may have that salvation encounter with the Lord Jesus,” one pastor said.

Thank you to all the incredible World Help donors and volunteers working hard to save lives. You are truly having an eternal impact.

If you want to continue to make a global impact, consider giving to help those around the world who need it most.

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