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Your love arrived in rural India

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May 26, 2017

Manisha was only a few years old when her low-caste, impoverished community dissolved into mayhem. Her rural village of Nath Maholla was overlooked for centuries.

Desperation skyrocketed when government regulations banned one of the community’s main sources of income: snake charming. That’s when Manisha’s father gave himself over to alcohol and sent his children to beg in the streets.

Nearly every day, Manisha was forced to look into the uncaring eyes of strangers who brushed past her on the streets while her stomach ached for food and her hands remained empty.

But you didn’t overlook her. Your love allowed Manisha’s family — and her entire community — to gain access to necessities they desperately needed.

After you helped provide a deep bore well, the clean, disease-free water began flowing. The number of sick people in the village diminished quickly! You opened the doors of trust in this broken community —and transformation has continued to unfold.

The relationship established through the clean-water well laid the foundation for other community development projects. We had the opportunity to open the first school in this area, which allows children from the slum areas, like Manisha, to attend school for the first time.

Today, Manisha is healthy and vibrant as she earns a quality education through the child sponsorship program. Through your support, this program has now rescued 135 children like Manisha.

Countless lives are being transformed in this rural community through your faithful support … and Manisha’s father is one of those.

“I want to see my children grow, get good jobs, and become respectful citizens of the society,” Manisha’s father said, his eyes filled with hope.

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