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Love Needs No Translation

Guest Blogger
Oct 27, 2015

Today’s guest post is from Traci Beeson. She blogs for World Help through her online platform, Rich In Blessings.

This whole trip has been a crazy ride of such a beautiful mixture of compassion and celebration, shared sorrows and doubled joys. I have never done anything like this before so I was unsure of what to expect, what I would experience, how I would even be able to serve a people whose language I can’t speak.




But the people here are so beautiful. They’re so incredibly joyful, but so hungry for real love, eager to share a smile or a hug. The truth of the saying, “Love needs no translation,” has never been so evident in my life. The language barrier is so hard for me, but even though they can’t understand my words, when I look into their eyes I know they understand the love that I have for each of them. I can see in their faces that they feel the love of Christ through the amazing team that is here this week. It’s such an amazing, powerful thing and I am so humbled to have the opportunity to share that love with them not only by being here in Guatemala, physically serving them, but even by doing something so simple as advocating for them, being their voice.




Being a member of the World Help Blogging Team gives me such a unique opportunity to speak up, to stand up, for the helpless and the hopeless, so that together we can make it so that they don’t have to remain helpless and hopeless.

The World Help Bloggers are a team of Christian humanitarian advocates who use their online voices to make a difference for those in need worldwide. This past week, a group from the team served as the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus in Guatemala by partnering to conduct medical clinics in impoverished villages.

Learn more about the work and vision of this team—and how you can use your own online platforms to impact lives—by visiting


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