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Your love is more powerful than ISIS

Blog Team
May 27, 2017

Bedria’s family had no warning that ISIS was drawing near to their home in Qaraqosch, Iraq — in a breath, they were driven into the streets with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

But in their most vulnerable hour, God used you to bring about the miracle they needed.

Bedria wasn’t prepared for such a warm reception from the strangers at Al-Karma Refugee Camp. Because of your generous support, her family immediately received nourishing meals, durable clothing, medicine and hygiene items, and a room where they could stay.

And that’s only a portion of the restoration you’ve made possible.

“The ministry here is even more special,” Bedria said, as she waited for the women’s Bible study to begin. “We come here together and meet Jesus,” she said, beaming.

The ministry room was filled to capacity with women of different ages and backgrounds — they were all drawn together by their hunger for God’s Word. Your faithful support has provided weekly Bible studies and trauma counseling at the camp.

But Bedria’s community is just one of many places in the Middle East where you have helped make a difference. You helped provide clean water and healthy food for malnourished refugee children, warm blankets for men and women suffering through the harsh Iraqi winter, and so much more.

Your support also contributed to supplying two mobile medical clinics that provided essential care to refugees with nowhere else to turn.

“Please tell the donors that we are really grateful for the things they have given us,” Bedria said. “We will use them every day from now on. Thank you.”

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