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Put your Love on the Map this Valentine’s Day!

Feb. 14 is just around the corner … how are you planning to express your love this year?
Don’t sweat it — there’s still time to do something more meaningful than you’ve ever done before.
You can demonstrate the incredible power of love by saving a life this Valentine’s Day.

Slide to see Dayrin Maria’s transformation:

For just $50, you can help rescue a child on the brink of starvation in Haiti, Uganda, or Guatemala … a child born into an overlooked, impoverished community without access to proper nutrition or adequate health care … a child whose life depends on your decision to act.

Through the love of generous donors, we have seen thousands of lives restored through our Rescue Program. See the incredible impact these donors made around the world by choosing to put their Love on the Map!

Love rescues …
save a life today

Love is a miracle worth celebrating.
It gives us a glimpse of redemption in a hurting world … of all that is wrong being made right. Christ demonstrated a love that rescues through His life and death. And ever since, the same love continues to rescue and restore lives around the world through His children — you and me.

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love by giving a gift that will last a lifetime — rescuing a child with no other hope.


Choosing to rescue does more than save a life … it transforms one. Our Rescue Programs in Haiti, Uganda, and Guatemala are designed to set a child in need on a path to long-term health and wholeness.

We have witnessed thousands of sick and starving children transformed into thriving boys and girls who are now on a path to live out God’s calling on their lives — all because of donors like you.

Check out these Rescue stories:

How you can put your Love on the Map this Valentine’s Day:

Provide the resources needed for the initial rescue for one child.


Fund both the rescue and rehabilitation of one child.



Give to help rescue a child on behalf of a loved one and then send a personalized e-card explaining how their love saved a life.
Note: You will be prompted to send your e-card after your gift is made.

Join forces with a loved one — friend, relative, or significant other — and celebrate your love by rescuing a child together this year.

Make it a team effort! Join the rescue as a church group, a family, or an organization and experience love in action together.

What better way to share the power of love than to save the life of a child in desperate need?

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond chocolates, roses, and greeting cards that will be gone in a week … choose to celebrate in a way that will last for eternity.

Love rescues … save a life today!

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