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Valentine’s Day is about showing love and appreciation to those we hold dear. When we love someone, we demonstrate it through our actions—sometimes by buying roses, sending a card, or simply saying a kind word.

This Valentine’s Day, what if we decided to put our love in action
for a child we’ve never met?


Around the world, millions of children have overwhelming physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. But we believe the love of God, demonstrated through His people, can bring radical change—especially through child sponsorship. Our sponsors change the lives of children by impacting global communities, providing confidence and encouragement, and opening the door for healthy futures.

When love believes that more is possible for these children, that their future holds inherent promise, and that every child matters, we cannot help but be moved to action.



This Valentine’s Day, we’re challenging you to put your love on the map. We want you to pick one place—one geographic location—that represents a child who will be impacted for eternity.

Change begins when one person chooses to make the difference in one child’s life.

When love believes, love jumps into action.





Sponsor a Child Give to the Unsponsored Fund

Search for a Child:

This fund provides support to our 150 sponsorship programs in 22 countries around the world, and provides the additional resources our partners need to give basic essentials and educational assistance to every child in their program, even those without a sponsor.



Join us in praying for these specific needs:

  1. Pray that every child in our program would receive a sponsor.
  2. Pray that each child would understand and respond to the Gospel.
  3. Pray for the safety of all the children in our program.
  4. Pray that each child would learn and excel in school.
  5. Pray for good nutrition and healthy physical growth.
  6. Pray that each child would become confident and hopeful for the future.




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