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Mail your sponsored child a hug!

Guest Blogger
Jul 29, 2019

A hug is a special gift that can be used to make anyone feel better instantly. Is there anything better and more encouraging than having your loved one’s arms wrapped around you in a HUGE hug?

Well, you may not be able to give your sponsored child a hug in person, but this handmade, hug-inspired craft will make him or her feel just as loved.

This mailable hug, inspired by an online craft blog, is a simple and fun alternative to sending a card. When your sponsored child opens it up, he or she will feel your love all the way across the ocean.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Gather your supplies

You will need …

    • • Construction paper
    • •  Scissors
    • •  Glue
    • •  Markers
    • •  Yarn/Ribbon
    • •  Hole punch (optional)
    • •  Washable paint (optional)

Step 2: Measure the string

Use the yarn or ribbon to measure out a piece long enough for a hug. You can do this by holding the yarn up and stretching it across the length of your arms and then cutting it when it is at the proper length. Feel free to use your children’s wingspan, too, so the hug is kid-sized!

Step 3: Cut out your circles

Cut out enough 2-inch circles to match the length of your piece of yarn. Next, punch two holes opposite each other on each circle. If you don’t have a hole punch, gently fold the paper and use your scissors to cut a small slit on each side instead.

Step 4: Trace your hands

Next, trace two hands onto the construction paper by using your hands as stencils. Cut these out with the scissors. You can make this step more personal by using washable paint to paint your hands and then stamp them onto the construction paper hands.

Step 5: Assemble your hug

Thread the string through the holes in each of your circles to each other, making a chain. At each end of the chain, glue the hands to complete the hug. Make sure you leave time for your creation to dry before picking it up and admiring your hug!

Step 7: Personalize it!

Feel free to write a small note on your hug. For example, you could write, “Sending hugs and love” or “Here’s a hug for you!”

Step 8: Mail your hug

Lastly, fold the hug a few times until it fits into a 6-by-9 inch envelope and address the envelope to:

[Sponsored Child’s name and Child ID #]

c/o World Help Child Sponsorship Program

P.O. Box 501

Forest, VA 24551


And voila, you’re done! Your sponsored child will be overjoyed to receive a hug from you in the mail. Your child is already aware of the impact that you have on his or her life, and this little craft is an extra reminder of your love.

If you make this hug for your sponsored child, be sure to post a picture on your social media and tag World Help. We love to see people connecting with their sponsored children.

Thank you for choosing to be a sponsor and for supporting a child’s dreams. Because of you, Jesus’ love is being spread around the world, one child at a time. We are thankful for your prayers, cards, and support that provide your sponsored child with hope for a brighter future.


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