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Child Sponsorship2 min read


Make a resolution you’ll definitely want to keep

Kelsey Campbell
Jan 07, 2019

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that I tend to abandon mine by February.

Even if the resolution is something that will better my life like eating healthier, exercising every day, being more creative, or getting organized … I don’t feel the urgency to commit. All those things can be put off until another day … or another year.

But for $35 a month — less than the average gym membership — you can transform someone else’s life this year.

When you resolve to sponsor a child, you commit to meeting immediate and vital needs. And you’re also reminding that child that he or she is loved and valued … by you and by God,

By becoming a child sponsor, you can rescue someone like Surasak, a boy who needs help today. Right now.

Surasak lives in a slum community in Thailand and has struggled with poverty all of his young life. He is a very bright boy who loves to learn, but he knows that without help he will have no way of reaching his dreams.

When you support a child like Surasak, you’ll ensure he has access to essentials like educational assistance, nutritious meals, medical care, durable clothing, and more.

In 2019, you can revolutionize a boy or girl’s life.

One of the perks of child sponsorship is cultivating a relationship with your child by exchanging photos, cards, and letters. You’ll be able to watch your sponsored child grow and develop. And you’ll know that you’re playing a role in helping him become who he is meant to be.

That’s a resolution you’ll want to keep for years to come.

And since sponsorship costs just $35 a month, it’s a resolution that won’t break the bank, either.

So sponsor a child today and transform his 2019 — and beyond. A child like Surasak is waiting for you.


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