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Make ‘rescue’ your word for the year

Emily Towns
Jan 08, 2019
What is your word for the year?

Over the past several years, it has become popular to choose a word or phrase for the new year. That word symbolizes how you want to define your year … what you want to focus on or an attribute you want to develop. Some of the most common include words like “grow,” “strong,” or “grace.”

But what if this year, you chose the word, “rescue?” What if you resolved to spend 2019 rescuing a child from the trauma of growing up influenced by the sex industry? For just $35 a month, you can sponsor a child and give him or her a better future filled with freedom.

In the slums of India and Thailand, extreme poverty forces many women to sell their bodies simply so they can feed their families. But these women aren’t the only victims of the sex industry — growing up in the red-light districts is detrimental to their children.

When a child’s mother is a sex worker, she often has to bring clients back to her one-room home. So the child can’t help but notice. This can be emotionally scarring for a young boy or girl.

Boys who live under these conditions become numb to the sex industry and are more likely to become pimps or abusers themselves. And girls are likely to follow in their mothers’ footsteps, thinking they have no choice since they can’t afford an education.

They will become just another nameless girl selling herself on the streets, exploited night after night.

But you can rescue a little girl from a future in the sex industry. You can protect a little boy from being exposed to the dangers of the red-light district and from thinking women are property to be used and mistreated.

When you give $35 a month, you’ll become a sponsor for a young girl or boy and rescue him or her from the sex industry. Your monthly commitment will provide essentials like a safe place to live, medical care, healthy food, and a quality education.

As these children grow up, they are taught to believe they are worthless. They are trapped in debilitating poverty and watch as their mothers give up everything — even her own body — just to buy a little food. And they will follow the same path if help doesn’t arrive soon.

But this year, you can resolve to change the narrative.

You can allow a child to claim the word “rescue.”

This year, you can be the hands and feet of Jesus in India or Thailand by sponsoring a child. Your support, encouragement, and gift of essentials including education and medical care are the tools they need to thrive.

Because of you, one less child could fall prey to cultural slavery in 2019.

Isn’t that a resolution worth making?


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