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Making the Most Out of Sponsorship

Blog Team
Jan 17, 2011

For some of you, sponsoring a child was an opportunity that just made sense.  Let’s be honest, the need seems rather obvious, doesn’t it? And even though it takes faith and commitment to send in support every month for your sponsorship, it seems that many of our sponsors are looking for more of a challenge. They are asking questions like: “How can I make the most of my sponsorship? How can I share the needs with my friends and family?”

One of our sponsors, Greg Adams, not only asked these questions, but answered them too—and in a strategically simple and creative way: Christmas trees.

Greg sponsors a little girl from Uganda, and is just about to start supporting a new child!  Jacob, a little boy from Mexico, will be able to have an education, nutritious food and medical support all because 180 people bought a Christmas treethis year.  Greg has a Christmas tree farm in North Carolina and has committed to using a portion of his earnings this year to support one child.  What a phenomenal way to take a practical piece of his life and turn it into a way to change the life of a child he’s never met!  Each person who bought a tree has been a part of changing Jacob’s life during the Christmas season and Greg is sending each of them a photo to let them know the impact they’ve made.  He is using his small business to reach out, not only to Jacob, but to 180 people.

That kind of story is encouraging!  You may not have your own business you can use as a springboard, but what do you have? Set up a coin jar, create and sell handmade t-shirts like our friend Marianna does, find a creative way for your children to get involved and raise money each month.

I find in my experiences that the sponsors who go out of their way to fund their sponsorships in a unique fashion are excited and invested in a fresh way. So, what about you? How can you turn sponsoring a child into a creative and exciting experience?



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