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After Maria: Puerto Ricans struggle to survive

Blog Team
Sep 26, 2017

The Maldonado family barely survived Hurricane Maria hitting their home in Puerto Rico. And now they face another life-threatening crisis: lack of food and clean water.

Your $50 gift today will provide healthy meals and other emergency supplies to this family and many others affected by Maria.

As the floodwaters from Hurricane Maria rose around Yamil Maldonado’s home, he knew he had to get his family to the roof. Yamil scrambled up a ladder and helped his wife and children climb to safety. But his youngest son lost his balance as the rushing waters collided with the ladder. He fell.

Fear gripped the entire family as they watched him struggle to swim. Finally, he made it back to the ladder and clambered to the safety of his parents’ arms.

The Maldonado family lost their home to flood damage that night. Thankfully, they didn’t lose their lives. But without enough food and clean water, their fight for survival isn’t over.

Our partners in Puerto Rico are already at work providing aid. Will you help them reach their neighbors who’ve lost everything? For only $50, you can send supplies — such as bottled water, nonperishable food, and generators — to families who have lost their homes.

“The people in Puerto Rico know there are people offering help,” one partner said. “And that means the world to them — knowing we’re not alone, that people are praying for us.”

You can bring reassurance to families who have lost their hope. Show them how much you care.

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