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Matching gift: Give today to DOUBLE your dollar

  • March 10, 2020
Noel Brewer Yeatts
Noel Brewer Yeatts

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Marie listens to the growling of her stomach as she tries to fall asleep.

Once again, she’s going to bed hungry. At just 3 years old, her little body desperately needs food and nourishment so she can grow.

Sadly, she won’t eat again until tomorrow afternoon, when her family of nine sits down for their one meal of the day.

Marie’s parents work small farming jobs, but all their digging and planting is in vain. The soil is so depleted that they can’t grow enough crops to properly feed their large family. And the lake nearby produces very few — and very small — fish, so the vendors who sell them at the market charge outrageous prices that Marie’s parents can never afford.

Marie is just one of many people who needs help. And as we come to the end of World Help’s fiscal year, time is running out to help rescue as many children and families just like hers as possible.

Will you give a special gift by March 31 to help avoid a budget shortfall and ensure people like Maria can be rescued this year?

Normally every $8 you give impacts one life. But thanks to the generous matching gift by World Help board members, your donation will DOUBLE up to $250,000!  All you have to do is give by the deadline.

This is an incredible opportunity to make an even greater impact. Every $8 you give will impact TWO people instead of one!

More than likely, when your family is hungry, you can swing by your favorite grocery store after work and buy groceries. You can take your children or grandchildren to see a doctor when they’re sick.

But Marie’s family is not so fortunate. They live in a small community in Rwanda where food is scarce, and the water is dirty. Marie’s immune system is weak due to poor nutrition, leaving her body susceptible to a host of diseases. And without nutritious food, Marie will experience stunting, which not only affects her height but also development of her brain and immune system.

Marie wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She wants to care for others who are suffering. But without help, Marie’s dream will never become a reality. She’ll stay trapped in poverty and struggle to feed her own children someday.

But you can help make sure that doesn’t happen. Today, you can break the cycle.

Your gift to help avoid a budget shortfall by March 31 will ensure children like Marie receive help now. They won’t have to wait until next year — or even longer — to be rescued.

Will you help avoid a budget shortfall this fiscal year? Your gift is needed now more than ever. Your generosity can help ensure a child like Marie receives essentials like food and a quality education. You can help rescue a young woman from a life of sexual slavery. And you can provide medical care and clothing to a refugee.

Please don’t wait. Right now, many people are starving or dying from a curable illness because they simply don’t have access to medicine. These people can’t afford to wait … so I hope you will give a special gift today.

And don’t forget — when you give by midnight on March 31 (EDT), your gift DOUBLES up to $250,000, meaning you’ll bring physical help and spiritual hope to 2X as many people.

Your gift today will not only help avoid a budget shortfall … but it will keep transforming lives all year long.

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