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Mawuli wanted a relationship with Christ — but he didn’t have a Bible

Vernon Brewer
Feb 25, 2023


Our Bibles for All Ambassadors are committed to distributing God’s Word in some of the most spiritually dark places on earth … including countries like the Central African Republic.

The Central African Republic, known as the CAR, is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a Christian.

In the CAR, the predominant religion is Islam. People from a Muslim background who choose to follow Christ risk extreme persecution.

Become a Bibles for All Ambassador
Each Bible given to someone waiting for God’s Word will impact up to five people!

Violent militia groups often target them. Their homes are ransacked and destroyed. Their businesses are burnt to the ground. In some cases, their own families and communities completely reject them.

Some persecution is less extreme, but no less harmful. Parents often force young women who proclaim the name of Christ to marry Muslim men. Those already married are either separated from their children or forbidden to share their faith with them. Sometimes, mothers are allowed to attend Christian events on the condition that their children go to the mosque instead.

Yet even when they gather in churches, Christ-followers aren’t guaranteed peace and safety. Pastors risk their lives every Sunday to preach the Gospel, knowing that Islamic extremists could attack them at any moment.

But despite the dangers, people like Mawuli are desperate to build a relationship with Jesus.

Mawuli, whose name I’ve changed to protect his identity, is 21 years old. He knew that following Jesus is worth any risk of persecution and longed to spend time in the presence of God … but without a Bible, it was hard to grow in his faith.

That’s when our Bibles for All Ambassadors stepped in!

Thank you for distributing Bibles worldwide
Bibles for All Ambassadors help people like Mawuli around the world grow in their faith

Because of Bibles for All Ambassadors’ monthly gifts to provide God’s Word, Mawuli received not just one, but three Bibles — one each in English, French, and Sango. Now, he gathers with nine other young adults to study God’s Word each day. Having three different languages allows them to gain an even more complete understanding of Scripture.

“As a student, I am very happy to read God’s Word in three different languages,” Mawuli said.

But there are still countless people like Mawuli in the CAR and around the globe waiting for Bibles.

Will you become a Bibles for All Ambassador today and provide them with their very own Bibles? For a monthly gift of just $30, you can provide three copies of God’s Word each month to people in Bible deserts around the world.

By the end of your first year, you’ll have helped distribute 36 Bibles worldwide. And since each of those Bibles will be shared with up to five family members and friends — you can impact up to 180 people with God’s Word in just one year!

People like Mawuli are waiting to learn more about God’s love … so I hope you’ll become a Bibles for All Ambassador today.


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