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Maximizing Aid Efforts in the Philippines

Blog Team
Feb 17, 2014

Thank you for partnering with World Help to intervene in the Philippines after the largest recorded tropical cyclone brought down utter devastation on millions of innocent victims.

In the span of a few days, 10,000 men, women, and children were lost forever, and approximately 4 million Filipinos were displaced . . . their livelihoods completely erased from the face of the earth.

Typhoon relief - World Help

In the weeks and months following, you have helped mobilize our partner on the ground in Cebu to distribute thousands of pounds of life-saving food supplies and clean water, while providing temporary shelter to hundreds of homeless families. Your compassionate giving enabled us to act immediately, allowing us to step in and prevent the unthinkable for countless children and families.

Children of the Philippines

In the recovery process after this groundbreaking crisis, opportunities to invest in long-term development have become clearer. World Help has identified several sustainable projects that will maximize rebuilding efforts among the most broken communities.

These efforts are complex and will take continued dedication, patience, faith, and prayers. We look forward to sharing more about our rebuilding work over the coming months. Until then, please take a moment to watch this update from our trusted international partner in the Philippines, Les Tilka.

Watch Typhoon Haiyan Rebuilding Lives from World Help on Vimeo.

This nation of 7,000 islands still remains in ruins. Images of devastation and debris have replaced the iconic tropical paradise the Philippines has cultivated. Life will never be the same for millions of Filipinos.

But more than ever, we believe in a stronger, healthier Philippines . . . and we hope you do too.

Philippines - World Help

The rebuilding process has begun, and World Help is moving forward with full force. But we continue to rely on your support. Currently, we are focusing our long-term efforts on these strategic initiatives:

  • Aiding in the construction of high-quality homes, places of business, churches, and schools
  • Investing in income-generating initiatives for families who have lost everything
  • Supporting the Filipino people as they rise from the ashes of devastation and loss, by reflecting the hope of the Gospel

Please continue to pray for the success of these outreaches and your potential involvement in future endeavors.

Typhoon Haiyan relief

We cannot underestimate the power of even our smallest efforts. Will you join us as we restore the ability to hope for thousands? Together, we can partner to build an even stronger tomorrow for the Philippines.

World Help typhoon Haiyan relief


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