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May 19 will be a terrible day for sex traffickers

Blog Team
May 12, 2017

Poverty is a staggering obstacle for many young women in India and Thailand. It robs them of choices and enslaves them in a life that can barely be called living.

It often means being forced into prostitution as their only means of survival — facing abuse, exploitation, and the threat of disease daily.

Without an education, they have no other options.

But May 19, you can give one girl a chance at a better future. You can Take a One-Night Stand for Freedom.

By giving up your regular Friday night movie, dinner out, or other entertainment and instead giving that money to free a girl trapped in the sex industry, you’ll help her receive the education she’s always dreamed of.

Your gift gives her the opportunity to live at a facility where she will be safe, loved, and provided for. In addition to an education, she will have the opportunity to learn a vocational skill so she can have a successful career outside of the sex industry.

You’ll give her a way out … and the chance to dream again!

Take the pledge today to help one girl escape a life of sexual slavery. If you’ve already pledged — thank you! Don’t forget to mark your calendar and tell your friends.

These women may not have a choice … but we do. We can choose to look the other way, or we can choose to use our freedom to fight for theirs.

Will you fight for one girl’s freedom May 19?


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