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Meet Dipper, the 3-year-old living alone

Megan Stoia
Sep 08, 2022


Timid, tired eyes watched from the tree line as the local church members passed out food from a World Help shipping container.

Small hands clenched and unclenched. The child nervously weighed the risk against the reward of approaching these strangers. It had been a long time since his last meal.

His stomach growled as he watched the line of people receiving food dwindle. Any fear he may have had was outweighed by the hunger pains that shot through his body.

Heart pounding, he walked out of the woods to approach the church members and ask for a bowl of rice. While he ate his food, our partners learned his heartbreaking story from the other members of the community.

Allow me to introduce you to Dipper. He is only 3 years old — and he is completely alone.

Dipper spends most days watching mothers prepare dinner for their kids … and there often isn’t any to spare for him

Dipper’s father left his mother a few years ago. He lived with his mother for a while, but eventually, her mental health began to deteriorate. Before long, she made the difficult decision to leave her son behind and start a new life.

Now an orphan with nowhere to live and no one to take care of him, Dipper wanders around a remote community in Nicaragua.

He is growing up without the love, care, and protection of his parents … and without basic necessities like food and durable clothing.

According to the people in the village, he spends his days rummaging for food and looking for a safe place to sleep. Often, he settles for church pews or open fields.

The community tries to help him whenever they can, but many of them are struggling to get by as well. They can’t afford to permanently take in another mouth to feed.

“You can see in Dipper the effects of neglect, health problems, and high levels of malnutrition,” our partner said.

Since the day they met him, our partners have committed to finding Dipper a permanent home where he can receive the food, medical care, and other essentials he desperately needs.

Sadly, Dipper is not the only child in this predicament. Children all over the world are struggling to survive without the basic necessities they need. They are desperately searching for hope in a world that has forgotten them.

Shipping aid to meet the physical needs of children like Dipper will allow them to experience hope found through Jesus!

You can be part of the answer today. Shipments of rice and other lifesaving supplies sent by donors like you are critical to helping Dipper and other impoverished children around the globe survive.

And did you know that when you donate to cover the cost of shipping these emergency supplies, your gift is multiplied 16x?

Here’s how it works:

– Generous corporations and grants have provided donated food, clothes, medical equipment, and more.

– These items sit in a warehouse until we have the funds to ship them to the people who need them

– Every dollar you give sends $16 worth of this donated food and other aid to someone in desperate need.

That means it takes just $30 to ship an incredible $480 worth of emergency supplies. For only $30, you can be a lifeline to a child like Dipper.

With your generous support, Dipper can continue receiving warm meals and other needed essentials. And best of all, when he comes to the church, he’ll have the chance to experience the love of God — a Father who will never abandon him.

“Even in the rejection that he has had to live with, [Dipper] does not stop smiling when he takes a bite of rice,” our partner shared.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for Dipper … but he and other children like him need your help to get there.

So please give as generously as you can today to ship lifesaving aid to someone like Dipper. Show them that they have not and will not be forgotten.


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