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Meet Edwar — a young boy chasing his dreams in Honduras


Allow me to introduce you to Edwar from Honduras. He’s not letting anything stop him from chasing his dreams.

While he comes from a loving family, Edwar has known hardship his entire life.

His mother works as a housekeeper, and his father works in a brick factory. Their small income often left them wondering how they would provide Edwar with his basic needs — let alone pay for his education. And without an education, they knew Edwar would likely spend the rest of his life in poverty.

young boy in honduras
Sponsorship helps children like Edwar go to school where they learn to express themselves in art class!

That’s when one of our incredible child sponsors stepped in. Edwar entered the sponsorship program when he was 9 years old … and it completely changed the trajectory of his life!

Ever since then, he has attended a youth center where he receives two nutritious meals every single day, regular medical care, and academic tutoring to help him excel in school. He can also attend Bible lessons. On top of all that, he was chosen to take part in a vocational training program for youth, where he is learning to become a barber.

At just 13 years old, Edwar is already cutting hair and loving it!

You can clearly see the intense focus on Edwar’s face when he is giving someone a new, stylish haircut. It’s the look of a boy pursuing his passion. But his aspirations extend beyond just being a barber … Edwar also wants to become a businessman.

young boy in honduras is chasing after his dream
Sponsorship helps children escape life in poverty by allowing them to chase after their dreams

His dream is to have a barbershop in his home, and he said that this training will allow him to start his own business someday, earn an income, and support his parents and three young brothers.

Sponsorship allowed Edwar to discover and chase his passion. Because of his caring sponsor, both Edwar and his family now have hope for a better, brighter future.

For those of you currently sponsoring a child, I want to thank you for your commitment to transforming a child’s life. Your ongoing generosity allows children like Edwar to receive nutritious food, medical care, and quality educational opportunities. And most importantly, it allows them to experience God’s love.

If you’re not a sponsor, make sure to check out the children around the world who are waiting for a sponsor like you. Your love and support will make a life-changing difference.

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