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Meet Pascal, a modern-day Job

Kelsey Campbell
Jun 17, 2020

Much like Job from the Bible, Pascal has lost a lot. His wife died. Then his children passed away. Not long after he remarried, his second wife died, too.

In a short span of time, Pascal had lost everything. He eventually married a third time and had four more children, but he couldn’t hold down a job and support his new family because of an injury. When the coronavirus pandemic hit Burundi, it made life even harder. They couldn’t even afford food. But that’s not the end of his story …

Because of a donor’s generosity, Pascal recently received the help he needed … plus something he hadn’t expected. When you give emergency coronavirus relief today, you can help rescue another hurting person like Pascal. And thanks to a matching gift, your donation will DOUBLE!

Unlike Job, Pascal didn’t know the Lord … so he was hopeless.

However, Pascal couldn’t be receptive to hearing the Gospel when he was starving to death.

“He and his family are known as a very poor family in the village,” our partner said.

Burundi is already one of the poorest countries in the entire world … and Pascal’s family was among the most impoverished people in their village. The poorest of the poor. They were absolutely destitute. When the pandemic and financial challenges it brought arrived, it was almost like a death sentence for Pascal’s family.

“They could not even afford a single meal per day,” the local ministry leaders reported.

So when Pascal and his family received a gift of donated food, he said it was “like a miracle or a sign that God loves [us] so much!” When he and his wife heard the Word of God, they couldn’t resist God’s calling and decided to give their lives to Christ. Now, they are part of a church family and will soon be baptized!

When you help provide lifesaving aid like food, hygiene kits, and other essentials, you open the door for people like Pascal to experience the hope of Christ. And more than ever before, people living in the midst of this global pandemic are looking for hope.

Pascal’s story is bittersweet.

While we rejoice to have a new brother and sister in Christ, their testimony is a powerful reminder that there are so many families in Burundi and around the world who still need help.

The coronavirus isn’t the only killer during this time of global pandemic.

Our partners worldwide agree that food is the greatest need right now. There are so many men, women, and children who are the brink of starving before they ever have the opportunity to come face-to-face with the love of God. Countless families also need medical care, protective equipment, and hygiene kits.

These are needs that you can meet right now — today.

Generous World Help Board members recently pledged to match your donation up to $300,000! That means every $8 you give will DOUBLE to meet the physical and spiritual needs of TWO people.

Your doubled gift will help provide spiritual hope and lifesaving coronavirus relief like emergency food, clean water, medical care, hygiene kits, and more. 

You’ll also be helping erase a budget shortfall caused by canceled fundraising events due to the coronavirus. The donations raised from those events were intended meet the needs of people in crisis and to help ensure our global programs can continue.

People around the world are suffering because of the effects of the coronavirus. But you can help rescue them. Just as someone gave Pascal a lifesaving miracle, you can give another person the help they need and show them the love of God.

Your generosity has the power to help transform a person’s life, both physically and spiritually.

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