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Meet the new leaders of Children of the World

Kelsey Campbell
Aug 16, 2019

When Andres and Jessica stepped out in faith to serve on the mission field, they had no idea they’d be touring the United States the following year — with 15 children in tow.

Natives of Latin America, these newlyweds have served internationally in countries like Mexico, Haiti, and Belize. But last year, while at a prayer meeting, they felt God calling them to get involved in missions here in the United States.

The next day, they received an email that the Children of the World International Children’s Choir needed team leaders for the 2019-2020 tour.

They first became acquainted with Children of the World when the choir visited the church they were attending while living and working in New Jersey.  

New Jersey is actually where the couple first met. Andres grew up in San José, Costa Rica, while Jessica grew up in Bogotá, Colombia. Years later and thousands of miles away, God brought their stories — and their passions — together.

Jessica said she knew from an early age that she was looking for a life partner to be with on the mission field. And when they got married, Jessica and Andres both knew their callings were the same.

“We’re called to do something with children and families in some sort of ministry,” Jessica said. “And so, this is a steppingstone to what we’re going to do ultimately.”

The couple says they specifically have a heart for Africa, and in the future, they’d like to have a ministry that combines sports, education, and learning about Jesus Christ.

For now, though, Andres and Jessica are thrilled to begin their ministry here in the U.S. with 15 children who are being exposed to American culture for the first time.

The team leaders said they are excited to watch the kids grow, develop, and have amazing opportunities while traveling the country and sharing how child sponsorship has impacted their lives.

Despite the long bus rides, Andres said he is looking forward to road trips with the kids — the bonding, the shared making of memories, and the chance to see the bright expressions on their faces when they see things they’ve never seen before.

“I know there are going to be really great experiences with some of the sights we’re going to see together,” Andres said. “I’m excited to go to museums with them as well … the oohs and aahs … they’re going to experience and see all these cool new things.”

Andres and Jessica are excited to see the children grow closer to each other even though they are from different countries and backgrounds — kind of like the couple themselves.

“I’m looking forward to seeing them develop,” Jessica said. “To see them flourish in English, develop closer interactions between countries. … I want to see cross-cultural, really good friendships forming. So, I look forward to seeing that develop and them growing in understanding why they’re here — not just ‘we’re here in America,’ but ‘we’re doing this for our friends to get sponsors.’ I want to see that ‘aha’ moment when they understand what sponsorship is and why that’s so important.”

For this young couple, the mission isn’t simply to get the children from one state to another for their next event. It’s really about making sure the children live up to their full potential and that they take advantage of the opportunities they’re being given. But also, it’s about ensuring other children living in poverty can receive life-changing help through sponsorship.

Andres, Jessica, the other team members, and the choir will be heading out to begin their tour at the end of this month. And they need your love and support. You can host the choir at your church, attend a local event when they travel through your city, or even sponsor a child yourself. Your gift of sponsorship will transform the life of a child just like the kids in the choir.

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