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Miracle in the Making

Blog Team
Feb 16, 2011

Meet Sanju.

Nestled in the lush green mountains of Nepal is nine-year-old Sanju’s rural village home. Sanju’s parents attempt to make a living by cultivating a small plot of land they own, but continue to struggle to provide fully for Sanju and his two siblings. Sanju’s father is currently in the last stages of his battle against blood cancer.

Thankfully, through the gift of sponsorship, Sanju is able to enjoy food, clean water, education, and the opportunity to hear about Christ through the World Help Child Sponsorship Program in his area. As you will see, the monthly gifts of our sponsors go a long way.

Our story begins almost a year ago. Sanju was involved in an accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down.

He was immediately taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. In the weeks that followed, his treatment was unexpectedly delayed due to ongoing political strikes in Nepal that forced even hospitals and medical workers to suspend their work indefinitely. After many weeks of intermittent care, the strikes halted and Sanju received the proper care he needed for his very serious injury, but the medical bills were beginning to pile up.

Ordinarily, these types of expenses would be completely overwhelming, especially for a family in poverty like Sanju’s. Fortunately, through supplemental help from our Medical Emergency Fund, all of Sanju’s medical expenses were paid in full, alleviating the burden of debt for his parents.

Several of our staff visited Sanju this past summer and were amazed by the support of his family. Sanju’s father remained by his son’s side every day, gently massaging his legs to help improve circulation and constantly encouraging him not to lose heart.  Sanju’s spirits were lifted when he received some special gifts from us: A sweatshirt, and a backpack full of Children of the World albums along with a CD player to listen to them. (If you’ve ever seen Children of the World in concert, you’ll know why this was such an encouragement!)

The outpouring of prayers and support for her son has impacted Sanju’s mother especially, who is overcome with gratitude and thanks. This openness has allowed our in-country staff to share the Gospel with Sanju’s Hindu family, who have been touched by God’s love in a practical, profound, and authentic way.

Please join us in continuing to pray for Sanju’s complete recovery. He is confined to a wheel chair and is currently being treated for bedsores. Over the course of this year, he will also need several supplemental surgeries to correct the damage caused by the accident. We know this is difficult for him, and we will continue to support, encourage, and uplift him and his family.

It is obvious to say that what happened to Sanju was indeed a tragedy. But, what God has done in response is a miracle that continues to encourage and amaze us.

The miracle started with sponsorship. It started with you.



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