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Mobile Clinic Brings Hope to Refugees in Iraq

Vernon Brewer
Mar 28, 2015

Situated in between several refugee communities in Ankawa is northern Iraq’s first-ever mobile medical clinic.

On any given day, the clinic serves 75-100 patients in just a few hours. Today, however, over 70 patients were seen in less than two hours . . . men, women, and children who have been waiting weeks, and even months for basic medications and treatment.

Watch Iraq | Medical Clinic Brings Healing to Refugees from World Help on Vimeo

Unlike the other ramshackle clinics in the area where the care is expensive and oftentimes performed by unskilled personnel, our mobile clinic is staffed by world class professionals—a dentist, a gynecologist, a pharmacist, a lab worker, and a general practitioner.

Mobile Medical Clinics in Iraq - World Help

Lives are being saved every day through this remarkable facility provided by our supporters. It was truly amazing to witness.

Ayad, his wife, and their three children have been struggling without medical care for a long time.

We used to travel for miles to the nearest clinic and it was very expensive. We couldn’t afford the treatment my wife needed. It was impossible. The doctors were not very skilled, either. But now at this clinic, my wife can receive the care she needs with no cost at all.

Ayad - Iraqi Refugee

Refugee women are especially benefitting from the expert care provided here. Many are pregnant or have recently given birth and need regular attention to remain healthy. Imagine the relief of not only having access to a doctor, but one that specializes in women’s health.

We met two women, Huda and Manahla, who have visited the clinic multiple times for treatment for themselves and their children.

Since the clinic came, we notice that people in the community are much healthier, the women explained. They are also more content and less fearful, knowing that if something happens, they have somewhere to go. There are so many more communities that need this.

Iraqi Refugee Women - World Help

Before the clinic arrived, Manahla took her son Anas—who is often sick from their living conditions—to another clinic in the area. But Anas never was able to recover. The doctors at the clinic had been giving him the wrong medicine on purpose because they did not have access to the correct one!

This is why this program is so vital to the refugees here. It’s the only reliable medical care for miles around, and without it, the devastating cycle of sickness and disease will continue to overwhelm communities.

Vernon Brewer with Iraqi Refugee Child

We’ve seen it time and time again—when we can give help to people in desperate situations, we are making room for the hope of the Gospel to grow. To meet the deepest needs of a person’s soul, you have to save his life first. Both are important. Both matter to God—the physical and the spiritual.

Once we introduce people to our physicians, they can be introduced to the Great Physician.

When we give people bread and water, they can begin to see the Bread of Life and the Living Water.

As we provide for people’s basic needs in love, we are pointing them to the ultimate Provider.

Iraqi Refugees - World Help

Please continue to pray for this incredible initiative. Pray that God would raise up people to provide us with supplies and support. Pray for the patients beings seen every day, that they may see God as their healer and their hope. Pray for God to give us more opportunities to minister in this way in the future.

Thank you for your partnership. Thank you for your encouragement. And thank you for believing with us in the power of help for today . . . and hope for tomorrow.




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