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Months without mail: Surprise your sponsored child with this easy craft

Sam Campbell
Aug 15, 2020

It’s been months since many sponsored children received letters from their sponsors. Not necessarily because their sponsors haven’t written to them, but because the coronavirus pandemic halted most mail delivery to all child sponsorship programs.

It was a way to help prevent the spread of infection. A way to keep people safe.

But now, mail distribution has resumed in many countries … and your sponsored child is anxiously waiting to hear from you.

Why not make your first piece of mail to your sponsored child after so many weeks extra special?

Instead of the usual letter, send your sponsored child a craft you’ve made yourself! And before you worry about not being “crafty” or having enough time, trust me. This one is super simple.

You only need three supplies:

• Construction paper (blue, green, and white)

• Glue stick

• Black marker

You don’t even need scissors! So, if you have small children at home, this is a perfectly safe way they can get involved, too.

The idea for this torn paper sheep project comes from a food and craft blog which you can find HERE. Once you have your supplies, it’s time to get creative.

Step 1: Create the hills

Take a sheet of green construction paper and tear off a couple of hills. Perhaps make one taller than the other so you get two different shapes. Next, layer your hills by gluing them onto the blue construction paper.

Step 2: Assemble the sheep

Now it’s time to add some fluff! Take the white construction paper and tear out several round or oval-shaped pieces. If you want some sheep in the foreground and others in the distance, make sure you tear out different size pieces. When you have your shapes, arrange them on the hills — big in front, small in back — and glue them in place.​

Step 3: Add the finishing touches

The white pieces of paper don’t really look like sheep yet, but here’s where you fix that. Grab the black marker and draw a head and four legs on each piece. And … voilà! You have your sheep grazing on the grassy hills.

If you’d like to add tails and fluffy clouds, go for it! You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Step 3: Mail your craft

Finally, write a message to your sponsored child on the back of the blue paper, and then fold your masterpiece until it fits neatly inside a 6-by-9 inch envelope. Address and mail the envelope to:

[Sponsored Child’s name and Child ID #]

c/o World Help Child Sponsorship Program

P.O. Box 501

Forest, VA 24551

Your sponsored child will be thrilled when he or she opens the envelope and finds your craft inside. I guarantee it! Many sponsored children hang cards and artwork they receive in their rooms, and I have a feeling your child will do the same thing with your picture.

Imagine how good it will feel knowing your colorful craft is putting a smile on your sponsored child’s face every day. Imagine how loved he or she will feel after opening up that envelope.

All it takes is some paper, one glue stick, a marker … and a knack for tearing things up.

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