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Multiply your gift 33X and help families survive this winter!

Vernon Brewer
Jan 25, 2021

I wish you could take a walk through World Help’s distribution center right now.

It is full of lifesaving supplies like protective face masks, medical equipment for hospitals, warm clothes for kids who need them this winter, hygiene kits for families still battling the pandemic.

These supplies can help rescue so many people, but I need your help to ship them!

Your $30 gift today will multiply 33X to ship $990 worth of critical supplies like emergency food, durable clothing and blankets, medical equipment, hygiene kits, and more.

People like Gabriel need these emergency supplies now.

Gabriel’s wife died several months ago, but he can’t mourn his loss because he’s busy providing for his four grandchildren.

Gabriel now has five mouths to feed … and there isn’t enough food. Previous droughts in his Nicaraguan village had dried up his only source of income. And recent hurricanes and landslides destroyed any hope of farmers planting crops any time soon. He looks out across his field and sees only sludge and debris. No beans. No harvest. No way to support his grandchildren.

“I didn’t have anything to give my grandchildren this morning,” Gabriel said. “We just drank coffee without sugar.”

It breaks my heart to know that our distribution center is full of nutritious food and clean water that could help rescue people like Gabriel. It’s ready to go. But we need YOUR help to ship these critical supplies today — by no later than Feb. 18.

The need for your help has never been more urgent. Because of the pandemic, almost twice as many people are starving than there were at this time last year, says the United Nations. The number of families living in extreme poverty has gone up instead of down for the first time since the 1990’s! These families are wondering how they will survive 2021 without help.

Plus, the coldest and harshest months of the year are here. And many people can’t afford winter supplies to protect themselves and their kids.

That’s why your response is needed right away.  And your gift will multiply 33X to ship even more supplies!

You will ship critically needed essentials like food, medical supplies, blankets, coats, and hygiene kits to families like Gabriel’s.

These lifesaving items are sitting in our warehouse — but they need to be shipped! Your donation will make sure they are sent as soon as possible.

The holidays and the official “season of giving” might be over, but many people are still in need of help. Please don’t forget them.

Give today.

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