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Multiply your gift 33X!

Vernon Brewer
Mar 26, 2018

When disaster strikes or poverty devastates a village, the most basic supplies can mean the difference between life and death.

Right now, people in countries such as Guatemala, Jordan, and Iraq are suffering without access to lifesaving essentials.

Francisca is one of those people.

Francisca, 85, lives in Guatemala, a country that is home to some of the poorest communities on earth. Decades without nutrition-rich food have left her weak and frail. Her body aches, and it is difficult to walk or move her small frame.

In many countries, families are responsible for the care of their elders, but Francisca is alone. She has no family. When she could no longer care for herself, she was moved to a nursing home.

This nursing home isn’t like the nursing homes you and I are familiar with. Like most medical facilities in impoverished regions, it doesn’t have enough equipment and supplies to properly care for the patients. It is running low on nutritious food, leaving people like Francisca undernourished.

And it’s not just Guatemala that is suffering from a lack of lifesaving supplies.

Families running from violence in places such as the Middle East and Africa often have to flee with just the clothes on their backs. They are completely dependent on the kindness of others for necessities including food and clean water.

Around the world, countless people are in desperate need of emergency aid. They are fighting for their lives. But like Francisca, many of them are fighting alone. They feel forgotten and without hope.

How you can help

Thanks to donations from generous corporations, we have a warehouse full of medical supplies, food, and other emergency aid that is ready to be shipped. But we need your help to get it to the people who need it!

Every $1 that you give ships $33 worth of supplies to someone in critical need.

That means your gift of $30 ships nearly $990 worth of lifesaving supplies! Your gift can provide help and hope to someone like Francisca or a hungry child in a refugee camp.

Right now, as you are reading this blog, there’s a child suffering from extreme hunger. His mother’s heart is breaking. She can’t afford the food and medicine he desperately needs. But the most tragic part is that we have the lifesaving supplies he needs sitting in our warehouse … we just don’t have the funds to ship them!

You can be a part of the solution.

When you give $30 today you’ll help someone who feels hopeless and forgotten. By helping send food and medical equipment, you also send a reminder that God loves them.

Give today, and help save a life.


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