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The need is not over — Help Irma victims now!

Vernon Brewer
Sep 14, 2017

Hurricane Irma has passed, leaving those in its path to pick up the pieces.

Houses, businesses, and schools have collapsed, resources are few, and the death toll continues to rise. So many have lost everything, and the need is urgent — they need your help now!

I’m told that most of the island of Cuba is still in the dark.

But in the middle of the darkness, we are seeing the light of hope.

One of our partners in Cuba shared that in the middle of the storm, when the wind and rain was at its worst, neighbors were calling to each other, saying:

“We have hope because God is with us!”

Now that the storm is over, places such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Haiti will fall out of the news. But we cannot forget them in this time of need. We have the opportunity today to remind them that God is with them and to demonstrate the love of Christ with our giving.

The real need right now is food and safe drinking water. With no electricity, it is difficult to cook, and supplies are low. For just $50, you can send much needed food and aid to the people most affected by Irma.

You can bring help and hope to people who are in dire need. Please give now!


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