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Nepali Christians fight against centuries of Hindu tradition

Rachel Godwin
Dec 03, 2016

With its snow-covered peaks and rolling green hills — not to mention being home to Mt. Everest — Nepal is arguably one of the most beautiful nations on earth. But above the picturesque skylines, thousands of Hindu temples loom as constant reminders of this country’s deep spiritual darkness.

Hinduism is more than a religion for the people of Nepal — it’s a way of life, the only one most have ever known.

Although this former Hindu kingdom recently became a secular state with supposed religious freedom, any attempt to convert a person from his own religion to another is still considered a crime, and Christ-followers face frequent persecution.

Only 1.4 percent of Nepal’s population is Christian … but God is doing great things through that 1.4 percent and through the generosity of Christ-followers like you. 

Those who are searching for the truth can see a difference in the lives of believers, and you help provide churches where they can discover what that difference is.

Puja Shrestha had been a devoted Hindu her entire life. Each day, she prayed to many different gods and goddesses, both in her home and at the temple. She prayed they would keep her children healthy and keep her husband safe as he worked as a police officer. Despite her devotion, she never felt the gods were listening.

In fact, Puja’s circumstances grew worse. Her children became extremely sick, and she was haunted by continuous nightmares and a crushing sense of dread.

She was desperate for peace of mind — the kind of peace her sister seemed to have.

When Puja begged her sister to share the secret to her happiness, her sister told her how she, too, had been searching for answers until she found them at a church planted by World Help supporters.

She introduced Puja to her pastor, who hurried to her home to pray for her family. Over the next few weeks, Puja saw this man’s prayers answered as hers never were, and her children were healed.

He and other church members returned frequently to check on Puja’s family and to share the Gospel, little by little. Puja soon became convinced that their God was the only one she needed, and she accepted Christ.

Today, Puja’s entire family follows Jesus because of the faithfulness of a few Nepali believers and the generosity of their American brothers and sisters who made their church possible.

However, there are still many more people like Puja who are searching for the truth, praying to deaf idols because they know no other way.

You can partner with Christians in Nepal today so they can reach the lost with the Good News. Your gift will equip them with the training and resources needed to plant churches and spread the Gospel throughout their nation.


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