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Nepal’s landslides ripped Pamela’s baby from her arms

Vernon Brewer
Jul 21, 2020

Pamela’s week-old baby was ripped from her arms in last week’s landslide in Nepal. Can you imagine anything more terrifying for a new mother?

As Pamela nursed her newborn in the middle of the night, she had no idea tons of mud and earth were rumbling toward her home until the ground rumbled beneath them. Holding her baby tightly to her chest, Pamela went to the door to see what was happening. She barely had time to glimpse the wall of water and mud before it crashed into the house.

I’ve changed Pamela’s name because she lost almost everything that night, and I want to respect her privacy. But I had to share her story with you.

Today you can help families like Pamela’s suffering from this natural disaster. Your $50 gift will provide one person with emergency aid like food, clothing, hygiene kits, and temporary shelter.

The mud and water pushed Pamela’s house down the river. But that wasn’t what she was worried about most. The baby was no longer in her arms. The force of the water had knocked him from her hands, and she couldn’t find him.

It was too dark to see anything, so Pamela frantically waved her arms around in the water, feeling for her baby. Finally, she found him. But he wasn’t crying anymore. Her heart nearly stopped.

As you can imagine, this mom was more determined than ever to get to safety. Clutching her unconscious child, she broke through the roof and escaped the sinking house. She ran to the village where people gathered at a church. There, they helped her wash the mud from her infant’s nose and mouth until his breathing finally returned to normal.

The joy she felt when that tiny baby opened his eyes must have been overwhelming!

But as grateful as Pamela is that she and her baby are alive, the reality is they now have no home to return to or even basic essentials to help them survive. They desperately need food, dry clothing, hygiene kits, and temporary shelter — items that you can help provide.

All it takes is $50 to rush lifesaving aid to one landslide victim like Pamela.

This year has already been so hard for so many people in Nepal. People were already in desperate need as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. And now the families affected by these landslides are left with nothing.

Please rush your emergency gift today to help save lives.

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