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New Annual Report: The Story of YOU

Blog Team
Jun 03, 2016

Today, we’re thrilled to release our 2015 Annual Report—the story of your impact in 2015.

World Help is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. And looking back, we are in complete awe at how God has used you to touch lives and change futures. 

In 2015 alone, you impacted 3,061,176 worldwide with help for today and hope for tomorrow.

The annual report is the story of you—how you’re changing the world for the better, spreading the Gospel, and breaking the cycle of poverty.

World Help Annual Report

Without you, a baby girl in Guatemala would still be suffering from malnutrition. Without you, a refugee woman would have no shelter for her children. Without you, a man in China would still be longing for a copy of the Bible.

Nothing of eternal value could be accomplished without you.

Thank you for answering God’s call to heal, restore, and renew individuals around the world—especially in 2015.

This is what the 2015 Annual Report is all about: Lives changed. Communities transformed. Hope renewed . . . all because you decided to get involved.

See what God accomplished through your investment and give Him all the glory!



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