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New shirts made a world of difference for Leonel’s family


Christmas may be over, but there are still so many reasons to celebrate today — including the generosity of world changers like you!

Our Guatemala partner recently shared Leonel’s testimony, and after reading about the tremendous impact a shipment of clothes had on his entire family, I knew I had to share it with you.

Leonel lives in a rural village where job opportunities are limited. Leonel’s five grown sons try their best to take care of their father, but their small wages are barely enough to put food on the table. They certainly can’t afford clothes and other essentials.

Can you imagine that kind of poverty?

If your family is anything like mine, you had plenty to be thankful for under the Christmas tree this year. But that isn’t the case for people like Leonel. Every day is a struggle to survive, which means simple things we often take for granted are out of their reach — like a shirt that isn’t too small or filled with holes. It had been a long time since Leonel or his sons had anything new.

Durable clothing is a necessity that many impoverished families often don’t have — but you helped change that!

That’s why the new shirts that donors like you helped ship to Leonel’s community were such a blessing!

As our partners distributed the clothes throughout the village, they said the people’s smiles “radiated with hope, gratitude, and joy.”

Leonel was especially thankful for the gift. Normally, his sons spend all their time, energy, and resources taking care of him, so he was thrilled to see them so well cared for.

“Thank you very much for the help,” Leonel said. “Thank you for thinking of us by providing new shirts for me and my children.”

Not only did Leonel’s family receive new clothes, but they also experienced God’s love because of your generous support.

Thank you to everyone who continues to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus around the globe. You impacted so many people like Leonel in 2022, and I can’t wait to see what 2023 holds.

I pray you and your loved ones have a Happy New Year!

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