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Nirpur: Water and Hope

Blog Team
Oct 11, 2011

Can you imagine running a farm without irrigation, relying only on the hope of rain? What if that hope frequently failed you, leaving your crop devastated and your family without a source of income to buy food?

This is Nirpur’s story. The villagers of Nirpur, India, not only suffered through months of dry season, but they had to travel to a remote well to collect their water. Because of the distance, they could only carry enough for their daily needs. This meant that beyond bathing, drinking, and cooking, water was virtually unavailable for any other purpose.

They had come to accept that their lives would never improve. They went through each day clinging to a hope that was rarely manifested. Families had no choice but to wait helplessly for the rain that hardly ever came.

Now can you imagine their unspeakable joy when they received news that a well was being drilled in the middle of their village? A source that would allow them to pump water into their fields and care for their livestock, providing income to buy food and opportunities to invest in their families. Every aspect of their lives was transformed because of one well.

World Help began implementing water projects by simply drilling wells in some of the world’s neediest areas. But we have gone far beyond only drilling wells. Today, we install filtration systems, water pumps, and pipelines while supplying storage tanks and other practical resources.

Altogether, these investments have saved lives and established lasting hope. Supplying clean and accessible water to people in the most desperate circumstances is a vision that we intend to carry out until every needy person on earth has been touched by its renewing power.



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