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No Gift is Too Small to Change the World

Sep 01, 2016

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to give? Do you fear that your gifts and talents aren’t valuable enough to make an impact?

Leah* is a retired teacher from Florida, who is living proof that when you entrust your gifts and talents to God, He will use them to change lives.

After years of pouring herself into the lives of her students, Leah was unexpectedly forced into early retirement. It was a change she never imagined would happen so abruptly. But when her mother became very ill and needed constant care . . . Leah was left with no choice.

However, Leah was not the kind of woman to let disappointment steal her joy. Although she stayed at home nearly every day to care for her mother, her passion to bring the light of Christ to a hurting world could not be hindered.

As a committed World Help sponsor of two children, Leah brought the hope of eternity to impoverished villages in Nepal and Guatemala through financial support, faithful prayers, heartfelt letters, and thoughtful gifts for her sponsored children.

But Leah wanted to do even more.

She began looking for ways she could use her natural gifts and talents to make a difference. But it wasn’t she met Wendy Adams, World Help donor advocate, that everything clicked into place.

Leah happened to be working on her latest knitting project when Wendy arrived.

“Wow, I wish I had that kind of talent,” Wendy said in amazement at Leah’s knitting skills.

“Do you think there’s anyone in your programs who could use these?” Leah asked.

“Yes, I believe there probably is,” Wendy said, smiling.

Guatemala baby blankets

Only a few months later, Leah’s knitting projects were filled with a new purpose. She lovingly crafted blankets and baby booties that would bring warmth and comfort to malnourished babies in the mountains of Guatemala.

And with every blanket and pair of booties knitted, Leah includes a handwritten letter of encouragement for the mother; even translating it into Spanish herself. In just a matter of months, Leah’s knitting went from a hobby to a tangible message of love and hope.

Baby with blanket

“I have made ‘zillions’ of these little blankets for friends’ babies and grandbabies,” Leah said. “But to me, it is a more special blanket if it is going to provide warmth to a little one who might otherwise be cold . . . especially in the mountains. And maybe, just maybe, the extra blanket will help keep that baby from getting sick again.”

Even though life’s unexpected challenges and disappointments can make us feel like we have nothing to give, the truth is . . . we always do. We just have to be willing to see it.

Baby booties

“One thing I’ve learned from Leah is that any time we choose to give our gifts and talents back to God—no matter how big or small—He will always use them for eternity,” Wendy said.

How can your talents be used to bring help and hope to broken communities?

No gift is too small to change the world.


*The person featured in this story has requested to remain anonymous.


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