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No longer an outcast: How education changed Vinesh’s life

April Stumme
Aug 31, 2017

Early in the morning, Vinesh wakes up to sunshine pouring through an open window.

The bunk above him rustles under the weight of another child. All around him, boys are getting up, but Vinesh is still sleepy, and he’s trying to remember where he is.

Finally, he remembers.

He’s at Gilgal Children’s Home in Jaipur, India. And in the last few months, his life has completely changed.

Vinesh used to live in a leper’s colony. People in that colony, sick or healthy, are not allowed into the city with everyone else. Humiliation is common, and children like Vinesh are fated to live in the same poverty as their parents. These hurting people are often desperately poor, with no chance of getting a job or an education.

No choices. No opportunities. No hope.

But life is different for Vinesh now.

Now, he rolls out of his comfortable bunk and grabs the backpack lying beside the bed. It’s full of pencils, paper, and schoolbooks. He has a new uniform, new shoes, and healthy food every day.

Vinesh has all the tools needed to obtain the education that will pull him out of poverty. And he has choices, opportunities, and hope like he never would have thought possible … all because one person made a choice.

Far away from India, one person decided to sponsor a child that he or she would never meet. That sponsorship gave Vinesh an education. And that education will transform his life, and the lives of his family members, forever.

Vinesh is not alone. In sponsorship programs all over the world, children are receiving educational opportunities that will lead to brighter futures.

Education is powerful. For children like Vinesh, it’s often their only hope to escape the poverty around them. And you can provide it through sponsorship!

Most of our sponsorship programs provide an education, tutoring and life skills classes, or financial help so families can afford school fees and supplies. And all our programs ensure children are well cared for, leaving them healthy enough to attend school.

When Vinesh wakes up in the morning, he can have hope as he runs off to class. He can do that because of a sponsor — someone who didn’t know him, but has changed his whole world.

You can be that person for another child when you start your sponsorship journey today.

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