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No nutrition means no hope for baby Astridah

Like you, it breaks my heart to think of children starving around the world. As a mom, I can’t imagine the pain of knowing you have nothing to feed your child to keep her alive.

Unfortunately, that’s a reality for parents around the world … but you can help.

Every $24 you give will help rescue a starving child by providing essentials like immediate nutritional needs, emergency medical intervention, housing for orphans, educational classes for parents, and more.

Your gift could be the difference between life and death for a child like Astridah.

Little Astridah lives in Zambia and is just 3 months old. Her mother recently died, and her father is struggling to provide enough food for her. With little money, he has no way of buying formula. He tries to give her cow’s milk, but it doesn’t give Astridah the nutrients she needs.

Babies and children like Astridah will die if they don’t receive help. Or if they do survive, they will always be smaller than other kids and constantly getting sick — all warning signs of malnutrition.

They need your help now, and for less than you would probably spend on a quick trip to the grocery store, you can help make sure a child receives lifesaving nutrition as well as medical care and other essentials.

That’s why your gift today is so vitally important!

There are so many children who are dying of malnutrition … especially since the start of the pandemic. Many parents are still out of work, which means they can’t afford to put food on the table or pay for a doctor visit when their child is sick.

When I was in Guatemala just a few weeks ago, our partner told me that the number of starving children had gone up 400 percent in some communities!

Will you help rescue a starving child today?

Your gift will allow a child to receive lifesaving help at one of our Rescue Centers around the globe — help like nutrient-rich formula, medical treatment, safe housing, education for parents so they can learn how to meet their children’s nutritional needs at home, and more.

What a blessing to know that you can give a malnourished child back her childhood, health, and hopes for the future with your gift today.

How many children will you help rescue today?

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